Pensacola Bladeless Cataract SurgeryModern cataract surgery is performed by removing the affected lenses and replacing them with artificial lenses called intraocular lenses (IOLs). IOLs come in a variety of options. At Panhandle Laser Vision Institute we offer four types of IOLs: Monofocal, Toric, Multifocal, and Toric Multifocal.

The standard IOL option is the Monofocal IOL. These IOLs are designed to offer a fixed vision at one distance. Most often Monofocal IOLs are made for far vision. This means that if you choose Monofocal IOLs you will have good distance vision but likely will need glasses for activities such as reading, sewing, and using a computer.

The premium IOL options include Toric IOLs and Multifocal IOLs. Toric IOLs are made to correct astigmatisms. They have different powers along different meridians of the IOL and small marking along the edges to help guide the surgeon in adjusting the IOL for optimal astigmatism correction. While this lense improves distance vision in patients with astigmatism it does not improve near vision.

Multifocal IOLs improve vision in all areas. Multifocal IOLs have added magnification in different sections, much the same way multifocal contact lenses do. This helps with near vision as well as far vision so you can see well in the widest range, however the distance vision of Multifocal IOLs may be less crisp than the distance vision of Monofocal IOLs.

Toric Multifocal IOLs combine the astigmatism correcting power of the Toric IOLs and the magnification aspects of the Multifocal IOLs to give patients with astigmatism have the best vision range possible.

At Panhandle Laser Vision Institute we use IOLs produced by Acrysof. They also provide aspheric and blue-light filtering technology to give your eyes the best outcome possible. To learn more about cataract surgery, you can read more here or if you wish to schedule a cataract evaluation, please request an appointment with our office here