October is Halloween Eye Safety Month

It’s that time of year again, when you’re probably putting the finishing touches on your Halloween costume and those special FX contacts would make the perfect finishing touch, wouldn’t they?

Halloween contacts can be really scary for an eye doctor because if not used correctly, can cause very serious eye infections. However, they can be safe as long as the necessary precautions are taken. Here are some vital items that you need to know in order to make sure you don’t end up with googley eyes after Halloween:

5 Things You Need-To-Know About Halloween Contact Lenses

  1. You need a prescription from a qualified eye doctor (even if you don’t need them for prescription, just for looks).
  2. Any retailer who sells Halloween contact lenses, but doesn’t require a prescription is selling them illegally and is not a trusted source. Sometimes they may even sell non-sterile or contacts that are expired. Now, that’s scary.
  3. As with any contact lenses that are worn, they must be cleaned and stored properly. All of this important information is provided by your eye doctor.
  4. Never. Ever. Share. You NEVER want to share a contact lens, regardless if it is a prescription contact lens or one for looks only. This can lead to sever eye infections and problems.
  5. Keep in mind that those special FX contact lenses are designed for daily wear only and are not FDA-approved to be worn overnight.


We hope you have a safe and happy Halloween!