After Effects of Viewing a Solar Eclipse

Pensacola LASIK Surgeon, Solar EclipseBelieve it or not, you may just now be seeing signs of Solar Retinopathy after viewing last week’s Solar Eclipse. Immediately after the eclipse, Google searches for “my eyes hurt” and “eyes hurt eclipse” sky-rocketed that afternoon.

For about 24 hours after viewing the eclipse, you may have experienced solar keratitis (sunburn of the cornea, the front of your eye) which can cause light sensitivity and pain but have gotten a little better since then.

However, if the symptoms are prolonged or are progressively getting worse you may be experiencing Solar Retinopathy. Solar Retinopathy occurs when the sun burns a hole in the retinal tissue, which causes a loss of central vision. This can last for months or become permanent, depending on the severity of the retinopathy.

Symptoms of Viewing a Solar Eclipse

Below are symptoms you may experiencing if you viewed the solar eclipse without the proper protection:
– blurred vision that doesn’t seem to be improving
– difficulty distinguishing colors
– headaches
– seeing spots or “holes” in your vision
– eye pain

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please contact your eye doctor immediately or call our office to set up an appointment (850) 438-1277.

Source: Signs of Potential Eye Damage After Watching Solar Eclipse, According to an Eye Care Expert – NBC Chicago