Bladeless LASIK is an acronym for Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis which is a surgical procedure used to correct the vision of those who suffer from astigmatism, farsightedness or near-sightedness.

The laser vision correction surgery focuses on reshaping of the cornea with the aim of having light passing through it (the cornea) properly focused onto the retina. The retina is usually located at the back of the eye. Pensacola Bladeless LASIK eye surgery from Panhandle Laser Vision Institute is just one of the laser technologies used in reshaping the cornea in a bid to enhance the vision of an individual.

Before you make the decision to go for Bladeless Pensacola LASIK surgery, it is important to understand that the changes done cannot be reversed after the procedure. Also, just like any other surgery, LASIK has a risk factor to it. Nevertheless, this is a procedure that has brought immense benefits to people who have vision problems. The fact that the procedure takes just about ten minutes is definitely a plus for any person who is considering it.


During the process, a microkeratorne laser is used in creating a thin flap on the cornea. With this flap, the professional can then access the cornea which is then reshaped with the use of a different laser. Care is taken to ensure that the cornea can focus light properly onto the retina. If this has been confirmed as being the case, the flap of the cornea is put back into place and this is the end of the procedure.

Bladeless Pensacola LASIK surgery is usually done when the patient is under local anaesthesia and takes about ten minutes.


For a short while after the procedure, your eyes might be dry; though you may not feel this. You will be given eye drops to prevent the area from being infected or inflamed and also to ensure that your eyes stay moist.

You can experience a slight burning sensation momentarily when these eye drops are used. Be sure not to use drops which have not been prescribed by the doctor.

During recovery from Bladeless LASIK surgery, you might notice that your vision is blurry the first day. However, general recovery is fast and in a few days, you will notice that there is an improvement in your overall vision.

The doctor will advise you to visit him within 24 to 48 hours after the surgery to check you up.


Obviously, the first benefit is that this surgery actually improves vision. About 95% of those who choose to try it are happy with the results.

Another advantage of the surgery is the speed with which it corrects vision. In a few days, you will notice an improvement in your eyesight.

Bladeless LASIK surgery does not prevent the performance of future eye surgeries if this should become necessary. This is an advantage to you if your vision should have problems as you age. Furthermore, after successful surgeries, many people no longerhave to rely on the use of contact lenses or glasses.